Sleep problems? Try natural sleep remedies before you seek doctor for insomnia cures

natural sleep remedies

natural sleep remedies

Insomnia is one of the very common problems patients seeking Acupuncture for help, and Acupuncture do have very good results for insomnia, but as usual I always recommend them to try natural sleep remedies first before they come to Doctors for insomnia cures. To use drugs only as a last resort, as many can figure out all those side effects by themselves.

The most used and effective natural sleep remedies are:

  • Good sleep rules

Set bedtime routines, not thinking and make it as a habit. Some people like to think things or even discuss issues before sleep, that contribute an active mind state and get them hard to go to sleep. Same reason why don’t watch thrilling movies before bed.

  • Get Massage or sex

Have someone give you a massage just before going to sleep can make a big difference. If they can do a full body massage gently yet firm, you will feel the tension out of your muscles gone and soothe you to sleep soundly. Even a quick backrub and facial massage can be a big help. Same apply to sex. Good sex works wonder and can help both sleep easily and sleep well.

  • Listen to relaxing Music

Play some soft, soothing music can make one feel relaxed and get ready  to sleep. It’s very easy to find this kind of music. You can try this

  • Soak your feet

To soak your feet with warm/hot water for 10-15 minutes. If you combined with feet/ toes rubbing the results will get even better.

  • Combination of the above

There are other ways like due to noisy put earplugs, keep quiet, counting numbers, don’t eat too full or hungry before bed… they are all common sense knowledge which can help you have a good night sleep.

But if you have a serious insomnia and those natural sleep remedies can’t help you enough, then go to see Doctors.

Good luck and have a good night sleep!

natural sleep remedies

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