Where do you put your needles?

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That’s the interesting question I got asked by a patient. He never came to me before and like to book appointment to treat his neck pain. Over the phone, he asked me” For my neck pain where you will put your needles” I answered “your hand” and he replied back “Right answer!” His reply made me laugh a lot. Late in the day when I met him and had chance to explain to him ” There’s numerous way to treat your neck by acupuncture, like I can put needles in your neck, or in your hands or in your foot or in your head or by acupressure only, why you think my answer was the right one? “He explained he had neck issue before and the acupuncturist inserted need in his hand and 5 minutes later he could turn his neck and his problem gone. That particle point is so effective that made him believe it’s the only right answer for neck pain. I knew the point he’s talking about is 后溪. To prove my point I treated him with Acupressure and he also got immediately result. At the end of the treatment he even asked me for  some needles so he can self treat himself by using that point in the future. I admire his courage and I have to admit I like this type of patients, because he understand the fact that health is in your own hands!


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