You are your best Doctor

Some people don’t believe what I told them here. They are just thinking they are NOT doctor, they know nothing about medicine. They need doctor to help them. The reality is that their doctor don’t cure their illness, medicine don’t cure their illness, the real power to cure their illness is their own body.

Except hereditary disease, most of our illness comes from our lifestyle. Like how we diet, sleep, exercise and our mood. For all of that Doctors really can’t do anything for you except giving some advice. If you don’t want any of these bad root cause accumulate to a point that Doctor’s scalpel take control of your body, you have to be taking control of your own health earlier -By eating well, sleep/rest well, having daily exercise and in good mood. You have to be responsible for yourself.

Like all other important aspects in life, we need to be responsible for our financial, health, relationship. If you depend on government / accountant/ tax expert to look after your financial, depend on Doctor to take care of your health, someone work your relationship out… Good Luck!

Remember, you get what you give.

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