Acupuncture for Kids

Do you ever heard about Acupuncture for kids? I recommend you to watch the following video which was posted on the ABC News site and was a feature that appeared on Good Morning America on April 5, 2009.

As parents you know how hard when your kids are not feeling well. Especially for younger kids you don’t want to give them so many medication to mess up their body, in the meantime it’s hard to give them Acupuncture treatment due to their fear of needle or they move a lot. In my practice, I use non-needle techniques such as finger or stick to stimulate the acupuncture points, together with Tuina massage and it works very well. Although younger kids can start Acupuncture treatment as young as 3 years old, due to their active movement, I try to use the above techniques instead and the results are almost as good as using needles. Why? Because they have a much pure energy than adults although they are weak physically.

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