Don’t take medicine so easily

I don’t oppose taking medication, but oppose taking it so easily and frequently.

Our body is smart and so amazing that it naturally solves most of our problems. Allowing our body to do the magic without the disturbance of medicine pills, you are let your immune system to practice and build a stronger internal pharmacy. Don’t get drug every time you catch a cold or get a cough. How about drinking more water and sleep more and let it recover by itself? When you take medicine, yes they can cover up your symptoms but do you aware of their side effects?

The reason I prefer giving Acupuncture treatment to my patients is because it works naturally by just stimulating our Acupoints and the rest of job our body will do it for us.

To keep healthy, what we need to do is to properly use and maintain our body. Just like every car has a user manual, you follow those user manual properly, you will enjoy a longer and less trouble driving vehicle. Same apply to our body is that you follow our body user guide properly, you will enjoy a healthy life longer. The user manual for our body is to eat properly, sleep properly, exercise properly and be happy. Unlike a car can easily change any parts, unfortunately, we as human beings are customized. You need to use and operate your body properly to stay healthy.

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