Improve Vision Without Glasses

If you happen to wear glasses and want to

Vision without glasses

improve vision without glasses,here’s some ideas:

Improving vision without glasses by DOING:

1.      Rest your eyes periodically
2.      Doing eye exercises
3.      Press Acupoints for eyes and doing facial massage
4.      Regular exercises at least 20 minutes a day.
5.      Treated for physical disorders that effect your vision.

Improving vision without glasses by NOT DOING

1.      Staying in front of your computer for a very long time.
2.      Living a stressful life.
3.      Eating an unhealthy diet.
4.      Subject your eyes to the Sun.

Why improve vision without glasses?

As a book lover and web surfer, I wear glasses. As some of you read my previous post may already know, my philosophy of health and treatment is base on natural, and our body’s healing power. To use glasses to correct our vision just another good example that our modern people don’t really seeking the resolution for the source problem, we just want quick fix. Do you know that

How glasses and contacts are practically guaranteed to ruin your vision over time?

The reason for this stems from the fact that glasses and contact lenses cause your eyes to shift differently and focus with another angle instead of their usual configuration. Although this is helpful in allowing you to see clearly, it also allows your ocular muscles to get lazy and get used to the new configuration. As a result, your eyes will not be able to return to their original healthy configuration. Thus, the great majority of people who use glasses or contact lenses will have their eye prescriptions changed every couple of years and their vision will most likely never improve.

Recently I found the work of Dr. W.H. Bates, a prominent eye physician, revealed a natural way of improving vision without glasses, which has been getting a ton of positive reviews. After got my copy, I’m willing to add my recommendation to his wonderful work

How to improve vision without glasses – By Dr. Bates

Truthfully it doesn’t surprise me that the method is working. Because it’s natural, not eye aid oriented. And it’s the kind of method not difficult to implement.

Eye vision is our most essential abilities and most precious asset, let’s take a good care of it.

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