We provide the following services:

  • Acupuncture Therapy
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Moxibustion Therapy
  • Health Diagnosis & Advice
  • Taiji Instructing
  • “Ba Duan Jin” Eight Body Movements Instructing

We are flexible about our service location. By appointment it can be carried out at our Brampton clinic or for clients convenience, we do house calls also. We serve in both Brampton and Mississauga area.

The most often Acupuncture treatments with good results include back pain, frozen shoulder, migraines, tennis elbow, insomnia, sciatica, anxiety, stress, diabetes, arthritis, infertility, constipation, after stroke recovery, weight loss, cupping therapy, cosmetic and more.

Or you may just wondering about how’s your health perform, get second opinion besides what your family doctor told you. With our Meridian Analysis Device in less than 5 minutes you will know what’s your energy level right now, which meridians in your body are off balance and other valuable information. The checkup fee is $20.

Acupuncture Fees

We charge $60 for each treatment which around 45 minutes to 1 hour. For acute pain normally only need very few treatment sessions. We realize some chronic illness may take a while to recover and we provide package price for people treating more than 5 times. They still pay $60 for each treatment and after 5th treatments they get 6th treatment for FREE, so each treatment only cost $50.

The stand alone Meridian checkup with Meridian Analysis Device is $20. If you get your treatment here, this fee will be waived and you just pay above mentioned $60.

If you live in Brampton and need Acupuncture house call we charge the same price at $60. If you need Acupuncture house call in Mississauga, Georgetown, Caledon or other GTA areas we may need to charge a little extra to cover the mileage. This option is great for people has difficulty to get around like after stroke recovery or people like to stay at the cozy of their home.

Acupuncture is covered under most extended healthcare programs. We provide receipt for you so you can claim from your insurance company.

For those who have no idea what Taiji and “Ba Duan Jin” about, please see the following video to have a glimpse.

Tai ji Quan

Ba Duan Jin

Wish everyone enjoy good health and enjoy life! You can do it.